KISPED Promotes Human Rights Using Art as an Advocacy Tool



  • Kisumu peer educators (KISPED) was founded in 2006 by a group of young peer educators who are members of the LGBTI community. Apart from being peer educators they were also performing artists. 

  • In 2011 the group registered as a community-based organisation as Kondele Peer Educators. The aim of coming together was to create awareness on health and advocate for inclusion using art as a medium.

  • KISPED originally addressed discrimination in theater and the arts where individuals could not get stage roles due to sexuality among other factors. The organisation sought to provide an opportunity for stigmatised and disciminated individuals to perform and earn a living.

  • KISPED's main approach to work includes through:

    • Arts

    • Media

    • Sports

    • Peer Education

  • Currently there are 26 members trained in peer education, digital media and theater.​


A premier regional organization to  infusing arts, Media and sports in advocacy



To revolutionize advocacy in delivering human rights, economic empowerment and access to health through use of art, media and sports working with like-minded parnters 
Supporting organizations with advocacy tools and strategies to achieve goals in promoting human rights for all


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KISPED has been using Art since inception as one of the communication tools towards reaching out to the members of the public on the need to embrace sexual diversity within society as well as to end Human Rights violations, Stigma, and Discrimination towards LGBTIQ persons within Western Region of Kenya. Through Art we organize events including:

  • Rainbow Gala Event - occurs quarterly

  • SIKIKA Arts Extravaganza - occurs annually


As an organization we do believe sports is another tool that we can use to reach out to members of the public and create dialogues on LGBTIQ matters within society. Through sports, we have initiated the SPORTS4CHANGE initiative where we conduct several football tournaments as well as engage with local football teams that are willing to support our initiatives. We have been working with Kisumu All Starlets and we intend to engage with many more clubs throughout the Western Region of Kenya.



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